Visiting YZM: A Recap

This past November, advisory board members Kristi Schelhaas and Jane Bareman led a group to Ethiopia to visit YZM. Have you ever been curious what it would be like to join a group and visit in person? Read this Q&A to get a small taste of their experience!

School Bags for YZM

Have you ever wanted to send a Christmas gift to your sponsored child, but didn’t know what to give or how to send it responsibly? This year, we’d love to give every child at YZM – sponsored or not – a small, but meaningful gift!

Upcoming Short-Term Trips

We have two exciting short term trips to Africa taking place this fall and winter! While these groups are already filled, we would love your prayer and financial support to help make the most out of these visits for all participating.

200 Miles for Ethiopia

On August 10-11, Kristi Schelhaas (YZM USA Advisory Board) and Joelle Diepenbrock (Director of Communications) joined ten other runners in a 200-mile relay in support of Yezelalem Minch in Ethiopia!

And God has appointed in the church first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, helping, administrating, and various kinds of tongues.

1 Corinthians 12:28

A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12